#365BucketList Challenge

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Hey y’all! Joelle here, creator of the #365BucketList challenge. Follow me for the next 365 days (April 5, 2017 – April 4, 2018) as I mark off one bucket list item (at least) every single day!

NEW videos will be uploaded on my YouTube channel every Wednesday.

Blog posts will be posted here daily (unless said bucket list item requires “no interwebs”).

I also have quite the Snapchat addiction so you can follow me on my bucket list adventures in real time. Just search the username: joellepittman.

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And if you’re curious about what exactly is on my ginormous bucket list, you can check it out in all its glory here.

P.S. I love hearing about other people’s bucket lists so don’t be shy. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Day 1: NATO phonetic alphabet

Day 2: Survived a CrossFit class

Day 3: Tango lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 4: Elton John and James Taylor concert was canceled due to a thunderstorm so Fuerza Bruta was technically Day 4 since the show didn’t start until 11:45 pm the night before (Day 3) and went well after midnight. 

Day 5: Steakhouse in Argentina

Day 6: Living like a local for the month – basic day (worked and double date dinner)

Day 7: Toured Buenos Aires (Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, El Caminito, La Recoleta Cemetery) AND enjoyed a wine tasting (all wines were from Mendoza, Argentina)

Week 1 video:

Day 8: Argentine experience (learned how to close an empanada using the ‘repulge’ technique, order steak in Spanish, and prepare my own ‘mate’ drink)

Day 9: Go to a country that I didn’t know existed until recently (Uruguay)

Day 10: Tango show in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 11: Tigre Delta and Fried Oreos (Chicken Bros in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Day 12: Surprised with breakfast in bed