Day 10: I Overpacked

Not surprising. At all. I knew I would. You knew I would. And now I have four bags to somehow schlep across five continents.

Well, if I don’t purge it all first. And I should…I really should.

I even spent five hours today trying to get rid of things I don’t need…and somehow only put aside four dresses, two tops, and bunch of jewelry for the Remote Year clothing swap tomorrow. I need to ditch my things and run…but in reality, I’ll probably browse and end up exactly where I started.

But maybe if I consolidate it will be easier.

Yes, I’ll have those pesky overweight baggage fees but at least I’ll just have one ginormously heavy rolling suitcase and a backpack bigger than me. Two is better than four!

I should have listened. If I could do it all over again I would have stuck with the one carry on and tiny backpack. I envy those who listened to the pros. But I couldn’t imagine living for an entire year without ten pairs of pajamas. Or four swimsuits. Or two robes. I also brought an entire year’s worth of tampons. Why? The idea of not being prepared in Cambodia terrified me. I get lost in Memphis. Imagine me in a third world country looking for a drug store at midnight. You’d never see me again.

The longer I travel the more appealing minimalism is (not that I could actually do it, but I appreciate the practicality and wish I was that strong). My roomie is a rockstar. She is running around the world like a boss. Light and carefree with two tiny bags.

*sigh* Time to see if I can add some more to the giveaway pile.

Photograph: Joelle Pittman; Valencia, Spain ©Joelle Pittman


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